How should I swap my SGA balance to SGR?

07 September, 2020

All SGA holders are invited to exchange their SGA balance to SGR. The exchange is possible once the SGR token goes live - September 9 at 09:00 AM GMT. The Exchange ratio is 1:1, i.e. every SGA token can be replaced with 1 SGR token. 

On Exchanges 

If you hold your token on an exchange you don’t need to do anything. Your SGA balance will be replaced automatically by the exchange to SGR.

Personal Wallets 

If you hold your SGA token in an address you control (i.e. you have the private key associated with this address) you can exchange your SGA tokens to SGR in two ways:

  • Send your SGA tokens to our swapping address - 0xb08883269620C8Ff6F771e66CA376eDb977e406a (or use ENS: swapSGA.SGR.eth). We will return to the sending address the same amount of SGR tokens within 24 hours.
  • Use a dedicated exchange smart contract -  SGAToSGRTokenExchange (address 0xc68c66c8bc7de6e4a528fe79305e1ddc9822dc9d). This option is relevant for more advanced users and it allows the tokens to be swapped immediately. In order to make the exchange you should call two transactions: undefinedundefined
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